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Mr Doorbell, Doorbells and Doorchimes from Friedland :: Door Entry Systems :: Wireless Door Intercom Handset and Charger (CL3622BHSC)
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  Wireless Door Intercom Handset and Charger (CL3622BHSC)
Wireless Door Intercom Handset and Charger (CL3622BHSC)
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This additional wireless dual function Door Intercom Telephone and Doorbell handset allows you to have a 2 way conversation with the visitor at your door. When your doorbell rings you can safely and conveniently answer it from within your home using the DECT telephone handset. This can be added to an existing CL3622B DECT system. The CL3622BHSC is suitable for both residential and commercial use and has a long operating range of up to 300 metres between the telephone handset and the outside station (intercom/doorbell) (Available separately).

• Simple to set-up and operate
• Long operating range
• Answer the door or the telephone from the same cordless digital telephone handset
• 2 way communication between DECT phone and intercom
• 3 way conference call
• Different ringtones identify doorbell/intercom activation or telephone call
• 9 VIP ring tones setting for phonebook entries
• 10 ring tones with 6 ring volume levels
• Full handsfree speakerphone and mute option
• Conversation time display
• 50 number phone book and caller ID
• Redial book with up to 10 entries
• Clock (set time, alarm clock with snooze option)
• LCD backlit Display
• PIN protection - Keypad lock
• Menu available in 13 languages
• 1.88GHz DECT technology with GAP
• Tone/Pulse dialing mode selectable
• Auto answer on/off selectable

Conveniently and safely identifying the visitor at your door before allowing entry.

Indoor DECT Handset
Indoor Charging Dock
Mains Adapter for Indoor Charging Dock
2 x AAA rechargeable batteries
User Manual

Product Code CL3622BHSC
Price: £34.95

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